Rave Reviews

From Some of Our Parents

My daughter has been going to Dr. Lopez Tutoring for over a year and she has become a more confident reader. Dr. Lopez has been helping her develop the skills she needs to become more successful and confident in school.

Eileen L

Dr. Lopez has been tutoring my son since Summer ’20. She does a fantastic job with him. My son has ADHD, so focus is an issue. But Dr. Lopez does a great job keeping him engaged and having fun while he is learning. We see an amazing difference in his reading and language skills. Highly recommended!

Brian F

Dr Christine Lopez has been my 6th grader’s tutor for over 3 years. Dr Lopez works closely with her on planned, specialized lessons and has contributed to her growth and progress in reading and writing though challenged by Dyslexia.

Dr Lopez has a way with her students, incorporating multi-sensory work or hands-on activity to assist in mastering concepts.  She is thoughtful, understanding and patient as well as motivating.  Her techniques give my daughter a sense of accomplishment. She encourages her to continue to push and strive to reach new reading levels and increase her reading fluency. We recommend her with complete confidence in teaching students of all ages as her experience has demonstrated, and we are lucky to have her expertise and support for our daughter.

Lori L

I would highly recommend Dr. Lopez’s services. She has provided her students with informative and engaging lessons consistently over multiple years. My sons’ writing and reading skills have significantly improved. They enjoy her weekly classes and her excellence in teaching.

Peining T

Dr. Lopez has been working with my son for over two years.  She was able to quickly identify his learning needs and tailor a program for him.  He has become a more confident and successful learner under her guidance.  Dr. Lopez has been a real game changer for him.
Julie B

We have been with Dr Lopez for six years, since our son was in first grade. Dr Lopez provides him with a safe place that he enjoys coming to. He really flourished under her guidance and with the OG program. We have seen him grow from an insecure reluctant reader and writer into a confident reader and writer. He loves to read now and does so often to relax. Even though writing is still not his favorite thing to do, he will now do so without the frustration and anxiety it used to cause him. We can’t thank Dr Lopez enough for all she has done for him and our family
Natasha H

Tutoring Programs

Orton Gillingham

  • Multisensory
  • Direct and Explicit
  • Structured and Sequential
  • Diagnostic and Prescriptive


      • Phonics
      • Phonemic Awareness
      • Comprehension
      • Fluency
      • Vocabulary


      • Multisensory
      • Concept Focused
      • Standards-based
      • Algebra – Calculus


      • OG Intense Intervention
      • Multisensory
      • Direct and Explicit
      • Structured and Sequential